(2021 - 2023) Critical Fashion Practices
Master of Arts
ArtEZ University of the Arts
Arnhem, The Netherlands

(2018) Liberal Arts
ArtEZ University of the Arts
Zwolle, The Netherlands

(2015 - 2019) Fashion & Textile Technologies
Bachelor of Science
Saxion University of Applied Sciences
Enschede, The Netherlands

Annika Lette (she/her, 1998) is a critical fashion practitioner, working mostly in the fields of research and fiber art. As a true maker, Annika’s practice reflects her deep commitment to critical thinking, social justice, and the transformative power of craft. She started her studies at the bachelor Fashion & Textile Technologies, which was followed by a masters in Critical Fashion Practices, that she graduated from in 2023.

At the heart of her work lies her fascination with the magical act of creating something from nothing. Her current research examines interconnected systems related to craft, kinship, and injustices embedded in today’s capitalist society. Ultimately, her work seeks to utilize craft practices as a way to establish new forms of community building that transcends capitalist structures. Her perspective is an intersectional feminist one, that recognizes the gendered theme of craft and aims to challenge this narrative. Through this lens, craft is seen as more than just a way of creating tangible objects; it is a means of fostering community building and healing.

(2023) Museum Arnhem
Graduation Exhibition - Unglossing Fashion
Together with Generation 31

(2023) ArtEZ
Exquisite Corpse Embroidery Workshop for Grased Exchange Week

(2022) Kriterion
Collective Craft Circle Workshop

(2022) State of Fashion biennale
Antidisciplinary Workshop of Care
Together with Generation 31

(2022) Solidaridad
Collaboration on a proposal on strengthening Gen Z and Gen Y’s commitment to sustainable consumption and production practices
Together with Generation 31

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