Crafting Kinship (2023)
Master’s Thesis

Research, design, and text for the thesis Crafting Kinship - Exploring the Potential of Craft in Fostering Kinship.

Crafting Kinship explores the transformative power of craft in fostering community and countering the effects of commodification and individualism. This thesis emphasizes the intention and process of craft over its final products and monetary value, seeking to create inclusive spaces for engagement.

The study delves into the potential of craft to transcend market-driven relationships and cultivate bonds of interdependency and collective care. It highlights the therapeutic effects of textile crafts on mental and physical well-being, offering relaxation, self-care, and empowerment. Crafting Kinship also addresses barriers to accessing traditional crafts and proposes strategies to democratize craft knowledge and practices.

By investigating the profound impact of craft on personal well-being and community connection, Crafting Kinship presents a fresh perspective on the role of craft in contemporary society. It encourages the reimagining of craft as a catalyst for fostering genuine relationships and nurturing a sense of kinship among individuals.

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