Crafting Kinship Workzine (2023)

As you dive into the immersive world of Crafting Kinship, prepare to unearth the hidden depths of tactile knowledge and theoretical wisdom, discovering the profound and lasting bonds they form between crafters and their creations.

The Crafting Kinship Workzine is a platform that offers accessible guidance for cultivating interdependence, healing, and community strengthening through craft. Through incorporating theory and hands-on exercises, the Workzine strives to democratise the knowledge and practices of craft, enabling a wider audience to engage with crafts and reestablishing it as a means of authentic connection and community building.

With contributions by Dalila de Vroom, Ingeborg Kvalnes, Javiera González Velásquez, Maria Spadoni and Theodorus Johannes Adriaans. 

Graphic design by Lejla Vala Verheus
Riso Printed at Werkplaats Typografie Arnhem 

Few copies available to purchase
© 2023