Exquisite Corpse Embroidery Workshops (2023)

In today’s society where individualism is celebrated, we must actively work to create and foster connections with one another. While we may not be able to fix everything at once, one thing we can do is care for and support one another in the present moment. One way I suggest doing this is through crafting together, using the Exquisite Corpse Embroidery method to build community and create kinship instead of capital.

Exquisite Corpse Embroidery is a collaborative craft method that fosters creativity, connection, and shared interdependency among participants. Inspired by the Surrealist writing method called "Exquisite Corpse," this embroidery technique invites individuals to collectively create unique and unexpected textile pieces.
The collective energy generated during the process transcends physical boundaries, allowing individuals from various backgrounds and perspectives to connect through the shared medium of thread and fabric, and forge connections that extend beyond the boundaries of the embroidery hoop.

Many thanks to the participants,
Workshop 1: Savvas, Siyao, Yujia, Jessy-Lee, Clio, Eveline, Rachit, Maja, Karolina
Workshop 2: Tjerre, Alice, Maria, Alia, Jennie, Malú, Mariana, Julia, Leah


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